RELEASE News of rcssserver3d-0.6.7

This is the RoboCup 2013 release. It comes with some bug fixes, and also compatibility with latest Boost libraries. New fouls and new debugging facility are provided. Now, fouls are sent to the monitor so that it can provide visual feedback about them. Finally, support for heterogeneous robots is added and two sample types are provided.

Heterogeneous Players:

This release supports heterogeneous players. Currently, two extra Nao robots are provided beside the standard Nao (thanks Stefan and Klaus).

  • Usage: to use the new heterogeneous players, a new scene command should be used. While the old style scene commands work, for using hetero players you should send (scene rsg/agent/nao/nao_hetero.rsg TYPE_NO), in which TYPE_NO is the type number of the player type. Type 0 is the standard type, and hetero types start from 1. Therefore, to load Nao type 1 the following command should be sent: (scene rsg/agent/nao/nao_hetero.rsg 1). Notice that you can use the new style command for loading standard Nao, using 0 as TYPE_NO.
  • Heterogeneous Robot Parameters: The robot parameters for different types are defined in a new file: naorobottypes.rb. New types can be added to the array. But to define new parameters, corresponding .rsg files should be modified.
  • Rules: Each team can use a limited number of hetero players. The limits can be configured in naosoccersim.rb using MaxTotalHeteroCount and MaxHeteroTypeCount variables. The former limits the total number of hetero players for each team, and the latter specifies the maximum number of players of a single hetero player type.
Other Features/Changes:
  • Charging fouls rules are added (thanks Patrick). These fouls are not penalized, but recorded and sent to the monitor. New rules can be configured in naosoccersim.rb.
  • Fouls are added to the monitor protocol to provide visual feedback about them to viewers.
  • For debugging purposes, sensing the orientation of the agent can be enabled using setSenseMyOrien option in the .rsg file of an agent (added by Patrick)
  • A player can kick the ball in kickoff if there are only 2 players in the field to support current penalty mode.
  • Fixed bugs in goal counting when changing team sides in the second half. Now, this feature should work fine. However, it is disabled by default now since we don't use it currently in the competitions.