RELEASE News of rcssserver3d-0.6.6

It's time for a new release! This release comes with a number of bug fixes and several minor enhancements here and there. Now, you can run the server for two complete halves. Teams now change their sides in the second half. Also, automatic kick off and automatic quit modes are added. Field dimensions are also increased to 20x30 meters, and free kick distance is 2.0 meters now. More detailed information about this release follows:

Rule Changes:
  • automatic referee now enforces rules whenever players are permitted to play, rather than only in PlayOn play mode.
  • it is no longer possible to score directly from kick off, the ball should at least touch another player before going into the goal
  • in kickoff playmode, the kicker cannot touch the ball again until another player touches it.
Field/Dimension Changes:
  • New dimensions: 20x30
  • Free kick distance: 2.0
  • Corner kick position: in the middle point between goal and corner of the field, to facilitate faster corner kicks.
  • Nao's foot height is now 0.02 rather than 0.03. Ankle's position changed accordingly
Several Bug fixes. Some notable ones are:
  • Penalty lines and middle circle are now visible at their actual position (Thanks to Marcus for his bug report, and Sander).
  • Fixed a small bug in parsing move paramter (Thanks to Andreas Seekircher)
  • Fixed a mistake which prevented from touch group rules to be applied at all
  • Fixed a small bug in goal counting which cause this function to always count a goal when ball moved out of the field
Enhance Automatic Kickoff Support:
  • Changed default value of WaitBeforeKickOff to 30, since 5 seconds is too small for any team to start.
  • WaitBeforeKickOff is now calculated from when the first agent connects rather than from the beginning of the before kickoff playmode (when the simulator is started)
  • A game can be started with kick off for the left team, or using 'coin toss' to determine which team should start the game. CoinTossForKickOff variable in naosoccersim.rb can be used to change the behavior. It is disabled by default.
Enhance Support for 'Second Half':
  • Automatic Kick Off mode assigns Kick off to the correct team in the second half
  • Change teams' sides in the second half if enabled (enabled by default). It can be disabled using ChangeSidesInSecondHalf variable in naosoccersim.rb.
Automatic Quit:
  • In Automatic Quit mode rcsssever3d shuts down automatically when the game is over. It is disabled by default but can be enabled using AutomaticQuit variable in naosoccersim.rb
Other Enhancements:
  • The location of init scripts (e.g. zeitgeist.rb) can now be specified using --init-script-prefix (you still can put most of the scripts and data files like rsg/ directory inside your ~/.simspark/ instead).
  • Better Windows support
  • Support creating Windows binaries under Linux using MinGW