RELEASE News of rcssserver3d-0.6.4

This release is supposed to be the final version of rcssserver3d for RoboCup 2010 in Singapore. The release includes a referee patch contributed by FCPortugal team which enforces some rules to avoid crowding of many players in a small area and to penalize ill-behaved players. Additionally, this release comes with some more facilities for a human referee to control the game and individual players in the field.

New keys in rcssmonitor3d:
  • n: Cycle through agents. A red marker disc shows which agent is currently selected
  • e: Clear selection
  • lctrl+s: Go into specific-agent-selection-mode. A specific agent can now be selected by pressing l or r and then a number. So the sequence lctrl+s, l, 4 selects the agent with uniform number 4 of the left team
  • m: Move selected agent FreeKickDist meters back
  • x: Kill selected agent
Other changes:
  • Improved referee to enforce more fair games
  • Visual Studio 2010 compilation fixes
  • Agents can sense field lines if enabled (currently disabled)