RELEASE News of rcssserver3d-0.6.3

In this release, we are preparing for a simulation with more robots than before. The current target is to have 6 vs 6 games, so we have made some changes to make the simulator more suitable for it. The most notable changes made in rcssserver3d package in this direction are:

  1. Disabling the internal monitor by default: starting from this version, the simulation server (simspark binary, now called rcssserver3d) no longer brings up a monitor when run. To actually view the simulation, a monitor (e.g. rcsmonitor3d which is included in this package) should be run separately. This separation noticeably improves the performance of the server. A new executable called "rcsoccersim3d" is provided which runs both the simulation server and a monitor on the local machine.
  2. Bigger field: in this version, field dimensions and goal width are 1.5 times larger than before to provide enough area for 6 vs 6 games.
New names:
  • rcssserver3d: the old simspark binary has been renamed to rcssserver3d, as it more clearly shows the functionality of the simulator. A symbolic link called simspark is provided for compatibility.
  • rcsoccersim3d: as stated above, running rcssserver3d (formerly simspark) no longer starts a monitor to view the simulation, and a monitor should be run separately. For users' convenience a new executable called rcsoccersim3d is provided which runs both rcssserver3d and rcssmonitor3 to connect to the running simulator.
Other notable changes:
  • Added HMDP effector/perceptor
  • Some compilation fixes
  • Improved Windows support