Commit ffd09e08 authored by Robin Fischer's avatar Robin Fischer

Add BuildUnityPackage build script

parent 5d5fae20
# Move repo content to own directory
shopt -s extglob
mkdir rootPackage
mv !(rootPackage) rootPackage
# Checkout Package Manager
git clone ${REPO_URL} BuuPackageManager "-batchmode -createProject $(pwd)/UnityProject -logFile -quit"
python BuuPackageManager/ $(pwd)/rootPackage $(pwd)/UnityProject/Assets
PACKAGE_PATH_LIST=$(cat includedPackagesPathList)
ROOT_PACKAGE_NAME=$(cat rootPackageName)
echo "File content. ${ROOT_PACKAGE_NAME} and packages. ${PACKAGE_PATH_LIST}" "-batchmode -projectPath $(pwd)/UnityProject -exportPackage ${PACKAGE_PATH_LIST} $(pwd)/${ROOT_PACKAGE_NAME}.unitypackage -logFile -quit"
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