Commit da5d2c98 authored by Robin Fischer's avatar Robin Fischer


parent 470e3f74
......@@ -19,7 +19,10 @@ write_to_profile () {
brew tap "homebrew/cask-versions"
brew cask install adoptopenjdk8
brew cask install
# NDK 16b
#brew cask install
# NDK 19
brew cask install
brew cask install android-sdk
brew cask install xamarin xamarin-android xamarin-ios
brew cask install dotnet-sdk
......@@ -48,7 +51,8 @@ source ~/.bash_profile
# Set Unity Properties
add_or_set_plist AndroidNdkRootR16b string ${ANDROID_NDK_HOME} ${UNITY_PREF_PATH}
#add_or_set_plist AndroidNdkRootR16b string ${ANDROID_NDK_HOME} ${UNITY_PREF_PATH}
add_or_set_plist AndroidNdkRootR19 string ${ANDROID_NDK_HOME} ${UNITY_PREF_PATH}
add_or_set_plist AndroidSdkRoot string ${ANDROID_SDK_HOME} ${UNITY_PREF_PATH}
add_or_set_plist JdkPath string ${JAVA_HOME} ${UNITY_PREF_PATH}
add_or_set_plist JdkUseEmbedded integer 0 ${UNITY_PREF_PATH}
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