Stupid simple value-only marshaling using serde




ssmarshal ("stupid simple marshaling") is a serde-based de/serialization library. It is somewhat like bincode, but doesn't support String/Vec - this library is entirely zero-allocation, for use in limited no_std contexts. The format is not incredibly compact, but doesn't add extra fluff, and is quick to en/decode. The size of encoded values will generally be the same as the in-memory representation, minus any padding. For de/serializing a single value, a buffer of size_of::<T>() is always enough.

All numbers are encoded as little-endian.

This format is not self-describing. To successfully deserialize a value, the exact layout must be known ahead-of-time.

This is designed for doing IPC, not saving to disk or transferring over the network. It may be useful for those cases, though.

This library is regularly fuzz tested with AFL for correct handling of arbitrary input.