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Robigalia is a project with two goals:
Robigalia was a project with two goals:
1. Build a robust Rust ecosystem around seL4
2. Create a highly reliable persistent capability OS, continuing the heritage of EROS and Coyotos
We're currently working away at goal 2, as a way to further goal 1.
To get started with Rust and seL4, first https://robigalia.org/build-environment.html[set up a build environment].
From there, the sky's the limit!
We're currently working on a tutorial and some examples while the OS is being created.
In the meantime, https://robigalia.org/contributing.html[maybe you'd like to contribute?]
It is now indefinitely in hiatus. If you like the ideas (or code even though there isn't a ton of it), please feel free to fork and develop them independently.
// Then, check out the https://robigalia.org/tutorial.html[tutorial]
// or https://robigalia.org/examples.html[examples] to see how you can start
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