Verified Commit a191b80c authored by yshui's avatar yshui

Add yshui to mailmap and keyring

parent ad71dfa2
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No preview for this file type
......@@ -17,3 +17,4 @@ Jonathan Creekmore <> # 4C2F05368CC694C9319558005DB5D1
James McGlashan <> # 8AD8661270DCB543DBCF738AC2062B23665983D5
TQ Hirsch <> # D3F43C110147B6BDA90ED97BC262C9B2FA65AB11
Bjorn Pagen <> # F69D8F7FC55624EE71D9F9A17287AD7AB08CF784
Yuxuan Shui <> # 0D0351DF56D531B57CDD53874F00A2659FD3EAB2
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