update build env docs for sel4-config and sel4-deps

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......@@ -28,10 +28,16 @@ After that, just one last step for Rust:
There are also some Python-related dependencies that need to be installed. If you have `pip` available, the following should be sufficient:
pip install --user tempita ply
pip install --user sel4-deps
You will also need to have `clang` installed, with the ability to target the architectures you plan on building for. This is currently used to compile some of the assembly files we use. In the future, we hope to remove this dependency.
Before building any robigalia low-level libraries you will need to `cd path/to/robigalia/sel4` and configure the sel4 kernel (see https://gitlab.com/robigalia/sel4[here]):
make x64_qemu_defconfig
The robigalia low-level libraries read in these configuration values at build time and use them to correctly match the sel4 kernel ABI and for conditional compilation.
Now, you should be able to `cd path/to/robigalia/hello-world` and execute:
xargo build --target x86_64-sel4-robigalia
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