Commit f8bb15ed authored by Robert Rudman's avatar Robert Rudman

The link given to Gemmy should be the meta post, not the chat room

parent f6ab0a27
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......@@ -159,7 +159,7 @@ namespace Rodgort.Services
var burninationMessage = $"[Close Queue]({closeQueueLink}) - [Open questions]({openQuestionsLink}) - [Meta post]({metaPostUrl}) - [Burn room]({roomId}).";
await _chatClient.SendMessageAndPin(ChatSite.StackOverflow, roomId, burninationMessage);
var gemmyMessage = $"@Gemmy start tag [{tag}] {roomId}{roomId}";
var gemmyMessage = $"@Gemmy start tag [{tag}] {roomId} {metaPostUrl}";
await _chatClient.SendMessage(ChatSite.StackOverflow, ChatRooms.SO_BOTICS_WORKSHOP, gemmyMessage);
return roomId;
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