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Client to the upload pastebin.
### Up, the Upload command-line client
cat file.txt | up
Usage: up [options] [files]
Upload files and text to an Upload based pastebin. If no argument is specified, stdin is assumed.
-b, --binary force application/octet-stream
-f, --file <name> force file name for stdin based inputs
-m, --mime <mime> force given mime type (default: detect)
--version display version information and exit
--help display this help and exit
### Usage examples
upclient will output the link to the newly created paste.
Paste command output to Upload:
ps aux | up
Copy an image file to Upload:
up image.png
Take a screenshot (using a selection rectangle), send it to Upload, and put the Upload link on the clipboard:
import png:- | up | xsel -b
### Upload
For more information on Upload, view the readme at
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