nodejs based cli client for https://share.riseup.net

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As requirements you need nodejs and npm.

npm install -g apaste

In Debian GNU/Linux 8 (Jessie) the npm version is too old to work with. You will need to upgrade npm manually.

# install requirements
apt install nodejs nodejs-legacy npm
npm install -g npm            # install npm 3.3.x
hash -r                       # rescan $PATH
# finally install apaste
npm install -g apaste

apaste, the share.riseup.net command-line client

This is a modification of upclient, the Up1 command-line client to make it work with https://share.riseup.net.

Please help and contribute directly to the Up1 command-line client

Usage: apaste [options] [files]

Upload files and text to an Up1 based pastebin. If no argument is specified, stdin is assumed.

  -b, --binary            force application/octet-stream (for downloadable file)
  -t, --text              force text/plain (for pastebin)
  -f, --file <name>       force file name for stdin based inputs
  -m, --mime <mime>       force given mime type (default: detect)
  -T, --tor               route the upload through Tor.
  -h, --hidden-service    use hidden service address
      --version       display version information and exit
      --help          display this help and exit


You can customize some options in the at ~/.apasterc. This is a list of possible options (with their default values)

server_address = https://share.riseup.net
hidden_service_address = http://6zc6sejeho3fwrd4.onion
api_key = 59Mnk5nY6eCn4bi9GvfOXhMH54E7Bh6EMJXtyJfs
tor = false
hidden_service = false

The tor and hidden_service variables means always route the upload through Tor and always use the hidden service address respectively. If hidden_service = true it tor will be always true too.

Usage examples

Paste command output to Up1:

ps aux | apaste

Copy an image file to Up1:

apaste image.png

Take a screenshot (using a selection rectangle), send it to Up1, and put the result link on the clipboard:

import png:- | apaste | xsel -b

Do the same as above, but also notify when complete:

import png:- | apaste | tee >(xsel -b) >(xargs notify-send "Upload Complete")

Use the Tor network

echo "Hi Tor" | apaste -T

Use the Hidden service address

echo "Hi Tor" | apaste -h

(when you use the hidden service you will get the url with the hidden service address too)


For more information on Up1, view the README at https://github.com/Upload/Up1