Commit c5d11bf3 authored by Mio Iwakura's avatar Mio Iwakura


parent 69838923
......@@ -93,7 +93,7 @@ void main()
auto httpsListener = listenHTTP(httpsSettings, httpsRouter);
scope (exit) httpsListener.stopListening();
auto httpRouter = new URLRouter;
httpRouter.get("/.well_known/acme-challenge/*", serveStaticFiles("public/"));
httpRouter.any("/.well_known/acme-challenge/*", serveStaticFiles("public/"));
httpRouter.any("*", staticRedirect(https_domain, HTTPStatus.movedPermanently));
auto httpListener = listenHTTP(httpSettings, httpRouter);
scope (exit) httpListener.stopListening();
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