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title: "La Nuit Derniére a Parìs"
date: 2015-09-20
tags: [nighthawks, mafia, thriller, crime novel]
draft: false
summary: "A short film produced for a multimedia project exam at university"
As my last exam for the Digital Communication degree I chose to produce
a short film inspired by the work "*Nighthakws*", by [Edward
If you want to know more about Hopper's work check out [his
page]( on
[Artsy](, a promising online art gallery.
<span class="center background">
![nighthawks picture](/images/posts/nighthawks.jpg)
The story is about two mafia bosses (one being a female) and a cop
protagonist who struggles to arrest them. In this journey, he will score
some triumphs and suffer some defeats.
If you're interested,
a copy of the script may be downloaded.
What remains to be said? Let's watch it.
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title: "Some short films"
date: 2015-04-18
tags: [short movies, stop motion, chroma key]
draft: false
description: Just a dump of some clips I produced for a multimedia project exam at university.
Ok, my directing, editing and producing ability is not at its finest,
although I'm learning. It is not my field, though, so I do not expect to
improve much.
I had to realize two clips: one using the stop motion technique and one
using a chroma key footage. Here they are:
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<iframe class="video" src=""
frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
<div class="container-video">
<iframe class="video" src=""
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Quite amatorial, right? Well, it's a start.
title: "Git in pratica"
date: 2017-02-16
tags: [talk, git, programming, streaming]
draft: false
summary: "Video tutorial, with presentation on everyday git use and commands"
<span class="center">
![git in pratica talk logo](/images/posts/git-in-pratica.png)
I already presented on this blog [git](, the SCM
(**S**oftware, **C**onfiguration, **M**anagemer) of choiche. Last time,
I made a simple introdutory tutorial on the system, showing its
potential, but I didn't dwell enough on the everyday use. I decided to
organize another talk in which all day use and commands were the center
of the conversation.
# Video recap
This time, I chose to record myself talking, instead of only providing
presentation material. So, here it is, the video recap of the evening.
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<iframe class="video" allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0"
# Presentation
The presentation being shown in the video is provided below.
<div class="container-video">
<iframe class="video"
Download the
[presentation](/files/linuxvar/git_in_pratica/ or
[watch it fullscreen](/raw/git-in-pratica/presentation.html).
# Useful information
The shell used during the video stream is the [fish
If you desire an informative prompt about the situation of the git
repository in the current directory, you have a couple of viable
- Bash
- [](
- [bash-git-prompt](
- Zsh
- [zsh-git-prompt](
- [oh-my-zsh](
- [](
- Fish
- [\_\_fish\_git\](
- [oh-my-fish](
If you want to have the alias `hist`, in order to use the command `git
hist` as in the video, you should download the file
[gitconfig](/files/linuxvar/git_in_pratica/gitconfig) and copy it at
title: "Introduction to Git"
date: 2015-05-18
tags: [talk, git, programming]
draft: false
summary: "Cheatsheet to a basic use of the most powerful and used versioning system of the world"
<span class="center">
![git cvs logo](/images/posts/git.png)
Git, THE content versioning system. Now it is a standard tool in the
swiss army knife of every programmer in the world, worthy of this name.
To the few, who are relatively new to programming and use other
inefficient systems to share and catalogue their code, it is essential
to fill the gap in their toolset.
Here I provided a (very) basic introduction to start using this
wonderful, essential tool.
For the sake of opennes both a [ODP
file](/files/linuxvar/intro_git/introduzione_git.odp) and [PDF
file](/files/linuxvar/intro_git/introduzione_git.pdf) is available.
title: "Instagram: #instaprivacy"
date: 2017-10-28
tags: [2017, linuxday, talk, instagram, social network, privacy]
draft: false
summary: "Presentation about disclosing delicate informations online"
<span class="center background">
![instaprivacy talk logo](/images/posts/instagram.png)
In occasion of the [Linux Day
2017](/posts/tech/linux/linux-day-2017.rst), edition of
the province of Varese, I had the opportunity to give a talk about
privacy. The presentation should have been centered on speaking to young
Differently from previous years, I made something different, more
philosofical and much less practical.
My main theme was Instagram, which is the most used social network
platform by young people, but in any case I was eyeing every major
social network platform. The aim was informing young people about the
dangers of putting their whole life at everyones availability and
ultimately telling them how it is possible for everyone able to exploit
the information they donated *gratis* online and all this at their
# Presentation
The presentation is in Italian and you can view it below.
<div class="container-video">
<iframe class="video"
You can also
[download](/files/linuxday/2017/instaprivacy/ the
presentation or [watch it fullscreen](/raw/instaprivacy/index.html).
Of course, if you have any questions, you can write me using one of the
contact badges on the page aside.
title: "Introduction to Android programming"
date: 2016-09-22
tags: [talk, android, android studio, programming]
draft: false
summary: "A crash course on Android and Android Studio, for people who already know Java, with simple but useful examples"
<span class="right">
![android logo](/images/posts/android.png)
A recently but estabilished new entry into the computer and technology
world is mobile computing.
Having calculum resources, together with internet access and a plethora
of software to use at hand is not only comfortable, but is becoming more
and more essential to our everyday life.
The two major platform that have spread in this latest year are Apple's
iOS and Google's Android. Being a Linux enthusiast, for me Android is
the way to go.
Together with using this system I learned through the years to make some
little and useful nice applications, or better called "apps". Since I
learned the lesson "mobile programming is radically different from
traditional programming", I decided to give a small talk to help whoever
wanted to approach this world.
For the sake of completeness I put together three really simple, but
extremely useful in real cases examples.
An online version of the talk, is viewable
If you are interested you can also download a
[zip](/files/linuxvar/intro_android/ containing
the presentation.
title: "Introduction to the GNU Image Manipulator Program"
date: 2016-10-22
tags: [talk, gimp, photo editing, image editor, linuxday]
draft: false
summary: "A simple course on the basics of GIMP, the libre image manipulator"
<span class="left">
![gimp logo](/images/posts/gimp.png)
Sometimes you just have to resize an image. Sometimes you want to edit a
couple of images. Sometimes you have to do a complete overhaul of a ton
of images.
Now, let me tell you the routine you have to follow; **have** Windows™,
go to your favorite graphic editor, Adobe, website and buy or "buy" a
copy of your favourite image editor, Photoshop.
But, let's say that the PC you have at hand is not capable of Windows,
it could have Linux or, eventually, Mac OS X. Or say that you don't own
the necessary amount of gold coins to buy (and not "buy") the upsaid
A simple, easy and straightforward solution is to search for another
program. An example is GIMP, and to be honest it is **the** example of a
libre/open source solution. It can work on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X
and can handle the majority of use cases of the upcited Photoshop.
For this purpose, I proposed a workshop where I show the basics of the
GIMP, divided in fived practical use cases.
An online version of the workshop presentation, is viewable
If you are interested, you can also download a
[zip](/files/linuxday/2016/intro_gimp/ containing
presentation and examples.
title: "Introduction to Machine Learning"
date: 2018-03-23
tags: [2018, talk, introduction, machine learning]
draft: false
summary: "Introductory talk to machine learning concepts"
<span class="center background">
![perceptron schematics](/images/posts/perceptron.png)
As I stated in some article before, in the LUG I use to attend, we give
some talks to try to share as much knowledge as possible, over our
current interests.
I always try to join these events, because they offer me a unique
occasion to train my presentation skills and to write down some of the
concepts I am currently looking into.
In this time period, I just finished a university lecture over some
machine learning concepts. Not that I consider myself an expert in this
field, but I feel confident enough to explain the basics to completely
agnostic people.
So I dediced to give an introductory talk about this topic. The talk
night took place the 21<sup>st</sup> of March, 2018. The talk has been
recorded on video (more info later).
# Presentation
The presentation slides are of course in Italian and you can view them
<div class="container-pdf">
<object type="application/pdf" data="/files/linuxvar/intro_machine_learning/intro_machine_learning.pdf#zoom=page-width">
<p>Error: PDF file cannot be displayed!</p>
You can also download the presentation slide, in [ODP
or in [PDF
# Video
The video recording of the night is available on YouTube, through the
channel]( (I
know the caption title of the video is wrong, but the presentation is
the right one)
<div class="container-video">
<iframe class="video" allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0"
Of course, if you have any questions, you can write me using one of the
contact badges on the page aside.
title: "Introduction to Python 3"
date: 2016-06-01
tags: [talk, python, python3, programming]
draft: false
summary: "A basic introduction to the Python language version 3"
<span class="left">
![python3 logo](/images/posts/python.png)
A language that is increasingly becoming more and more famous and
prominent, both as a scripting language and a scientifical tool, is
Python lets newcomers accomodate really quickly and easily. Discover it
[Here](/raw/intro-python/presentation.html) I provide a small
introduction to basic concepts of becoming a *pythonista*.
If you are interested you can download a
[zip](/files/linuxvar/intro_python/ containing
the presentation.
title: "LTSP"
date: 2014-10-30
tags: [ltsp, terminal server]
draft: false
description: Some slides about the Linux Terminal Server Project.
<span class="center background">
![ltsp logo](/images/posts/ltsp.png)
[LTSP]( is a server-client technology built in
order to fulfill the computing needs of small officies and educational
The typical system is a dedicated network in which the server is a
powerful elaborator and the clients (known as **thin clients**) are
computers without rotative parts, such as a hard disk, with only a
motherboard, a small amount RAM, a very modest CPU, GPU and I/O
peripherals (monitor, keyboard and mouse).
The server provides computation power, network connection and a complete
operative system, while clients only draw the graphics and handle I/O.
I made a quick and simple presentation of LTSP features, with a stress
on how to build a LTSP system easily.
Slides can be downloaded [here](/files/linuxday/2014/ltsp.pdf) in PDF
format and [here](/files/linuxday/2014/ltsp.odp) in ODP format.
title: "Trust & Self-disclosure in online interactions (focusing on young people)"
date: 2015-05-02
tags: [trust, self-disclosure, social network, young people]
draft: false
summary: "In a virtuality ruled by computer-mediated communications, it is important to know how young people evaluate risk introduced of self-disclosure"
By Riccardo Macoratti and Stanislao Vezzosi
# Bibliography
Bryce, J. and Fraser, J. (2013) "*The role of disclosure of personal
information in the evaluation of risk and trust in young peoples' online
interactions*", Computers in Human Behavior, 30(2014): 299-306.
Bryce, J. and Klang, M. (2009) "*Young people, disclosure of personal
information and online privacy: Control, choice and consequences*",
Information security technical report, 14(2009): 160–166.
Taddei, S. and Contena, B. (2012) "*Privacy, trust and control: Which
relationships with online self-disclosure?*", Computers in Human
Behavior, 29(2013): 821–826.
# Sitography
Wikipedia, [Trust (social
Wiktionary, [Trust](
# Slides
Slides are made with [Prezi](
For people who like to travel the Internet with Adobe Flash support
disabled (I don't blame you, but more information on Adobe Flash can be
found [here](, a PDF file is
## Introduction
<iframe src=";lock_to_path=1&amp;autoplay=0&amp;autohide_ctrls=0#" allowfullscreen=""
mozallowfullscreen="" webkitallowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="400" width="550"></iframe>
## Young people
<iframe src=";lock_to_path=1&amp;autoplay=0&amp;autohide_ctrls=0#" allowfullscreen=""
mozallowfullscreen="" webkitallowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="400" width="550"></iframe>
# Questionary
A summary for our questionary "**Do computer science students trust
SNSs?**" is available in this
title: "Young People and SNSs"
date: 2015-10-26
tags: [young people, social network]
draft: false
summary: "How do young people use social network sites?"
In an Internet reality populated by real
in which young people is completely absorbed in everyday life too, it is
becoming more and more fundamental to discuss and understand how young
people (13-20) use these new technologies and how much understand of
their possible dangers.
I ideated a small questionnaire to gather some data about what personal
informations are usually provided to social network sites by young
people and how they interact with this huge amount of data.
The questionnaire was aired on October 24, 2015 at the [Linux Day 2015
of Varese]( in the [ISISS
Antonio Sant'Elia](, an Italian high
school, featuring the students as questionee.
I took the opportunity and displayed the results in a small
presentation, where in the last slides I talked about Facebook T.O.S.
(**T**erms **o**f **S**ervice) as an example of social network site
licence agreement.
Slides can be found [here](/files/linuxday/2015/
This, instead, is a chart of the results:
<span class="fullwidth">
![questionnary aggregations displayed as image](/images/posts/questionnaire.jpg)
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title: "Codemotion Milan 2017"
date: 2017-11-15
tags: [2017, codemotion, code, open source, talks, jobs, programming]
draft: false
summary: "Codemotion Event in Milan, 2017 edition"
<span class="center background">
![codemotion logo](/images/posts/codemotion.png)
Last saturday, I had the oportunity to visit this famous event which
took place in Milan, in a new location called
[BASE](, 6000 sqm, that
was the old offices of the Ansaldo.
This is publicized as the "greatest technical conference of Europe,
regarding software development". And, in my poor experience, it
completely was. They programmed two days of conferences and two days of
workshops. I attended only the last day of conference.
There, more than a hundred talks took place and all leader in the market
companies were there, offering a job or simply selling their products.
Among this forest of advertisemente, there were also a lot of skilled
presenters who showed the most interesting and up to date novelties of
the technology word.
The passwords were *Faas*, that is [Function as a
*serverless*, *microservices* and *containers*. Some of the content
taught also parallell and distributed computing, big and realtime data
and, ultimately, the
[SMACK]( stack.
The most interesting talk, in my opinion, was the one about
[CSS]( I always
hated CSS and it seemes like learning Arabic to me. This talk opened my
eyes on its powers and the ability to complete supersede some functions
of Javascript. This is very specific, but while I was listening to the
presenter, my mind blew up for the magic he was showing us.
The presenter was [Davide Di
Pumpo]( and the
(in Italian) it is about twelve cheats in CSS.
If you want more information on the event, you can find them on their
[site]( Maybe next year we will
meet there.
And, finally, a photo of my old laptop (which is slowly becoming a
sticker plate).
<span class="fullwidth background">
![old pc with codemotion logo](/images/posts/codemotion-pc.jpg)
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title: "Battle for the Net Neutrality"
date: 2017-11-23
tags: [2017, net neutrality, slow internet, free, freedom, internet]
draft: false
summary: "Join the battle for the net neutrality!"
<span class="center">
![fight for the net neutrality banner](/images/posts/net-neutrality.jpg)
I know, I am European and this battle should not be my battle, but let's
analyze things from another point of view.
<span class="left">
![fight for the net neutrality meme](/images/posts/net-neutrality-archer.jpg)
Internet is objectively America-centered, U.S.A. invented the Internet
and, as such, a great, perceivable part of the internet is on the hands
of the States. For this reason, Europe should take position on Net
Neutrality matter, because even if it seems a very far concern, it is
not, it will affect our lives too, the lives of the people on the other
side of the ocean as well.
<span class="right">
![fight for the net neutrality meme](/images/posts/net-neutrality-cat.jpg)
As a fellow Internet user, wether you are a kid of the manager of a
multinational society, you **have to** take you position and defend the
medium you are using.
I am not usually a person who shouts in real life, and neither I am on
the internet, but for this time I will make an exception:
Even if you don't have any influence power, you can still do you part,
informing yourself and other on the matter. Here are some link that can
get you started:
- [Battle for the Net](
- [Fight for the Future](
You don't have time or you don't feel like reading something? Here are
some video content that can get you instantly informed on you last
chanche to save the Internet as you know it.
This one is only some seconds long, directly from Fight for the Future.
<div class="container-video">
<iframe class="video" allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0"