Update lympha

parent 767c4e40
......@@ -259,13 +259,23 @@ def mapfunc():
#pattern = re.compile(r'\d*|\w*|\+|\-|\/|\*|\(|\)')
iteratorUntouched = pattern.split(string)
iteratorTouched = pattern.split(string)
for index, groupUntouched in enumerate(iteratorUntouched):
int indexMain
for varUntouched in iteratorUntouched:
for checkobj in range(0,len(object_list)):
if object_list[checkobj].name == groupUntouched:
if object_list[checkobj].name == varUntouched:
# Loop through untouched variable
for indexWord in range(len(varUntouched)):
r = re.compile(rf'(indexWord}')
m = r.search(string)
#1 delete the old variable
#2 replace with the new
if m : ### = object_list[checkobj].value
indexMain += 1
#iteratorTouched[index] = object_list[checkobj].value
# Loop through all untouched
for indx in range(len(groupUntouched)):
for indexWord in range(len(groupUntouched)):
#0 indexing var for position
#1 count position for first letter in untouchedvariable and length of variable
#2 count character length of the variables value
......@@ -649,4 +659,4 @@ if __name__=='__main__':
if filecheck == True:
print("Please add file names.")
\ No newline at end of file
print("Please add file names.")
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