Commit a59be47b authored by Ricardo Quesada's avatar Ricardo Quesada
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more comments on commando.prg

parent 7ab6873a
......@@ -8,19 +8,17 @@ ROM_LOAD = $FFD5
* = $032C
; $032C (ind) - close or abort all files
.BYTE $34,$03,$66,$FE
; $0330 (ind) - load after call SETLFS,SETNAM
.BYTE $A5,$F4
; $0332 (ind) - save after call SETLFS,SETNAM
.BYTE $ED,$F5,$A9,$2F,$8D,$2C,$03,$A9
.BYTE $F3,$8D,$2D,$03,$20,$E7,$FF,$A9
.ADDR $0334 ;$032C: Kernal CLALL routine
.ADDR $FE66 ;$032E: User defined
.ADDR $F4A5 ;$0330: Kernal LOAD routine
.ADDR $F5ED ;$0332: Kernal SAVE routine
.ADDR $2FA9 ;$0334:
.ADDR $2C8D ;$0336:
.ADDR $A903 ;$0338
.ADDR $8DF3 ;$033A
.ADDR $032D ;$033C
.ADDR $E720 ;$033E
.ADDR $A9FF ;$0340
.BYTE $00,$20,$90,$FF,$A2,$00,$BD,$56
.BYTE $03,$F0,$06,$20,$D2,$FF,$E8,$D0
.BYTE $F5,$4C,$D0,$03,$93
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