A smart tab organizer for Chrome, written in ClojureScript. See https://numergent.com/relevance/

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Relevance is a smart tab organizer for Chrome, written in ClojureScript.

It’ll create a natural arrangement where the tabs you have spent the longest on, which are expected to be the most relevant, are placed first, and the ones you haven’t read at all are shunted to the end of your list.

You can read more about it here.

This is Relevance 1.0.10-SNAPSHOT.



To get a development build, run

lein chromebuild auto

You'll find the result in target/unpacked/, which you'll need to install into Chrome using developer mode.


To get the release version, run

lein clean
lein with-profile release chromebuild zip


Relevance uses doo for running ClojureScript tests. I normally use phantomjs, but you can use it with the environment of your choice.

We can't test the entire application externally, since a lot of its API depend on Chrome functions being present (which only happens when you're running as a Chrome extension). You can however test the general functions running:

lein with-profile test doo


Continuous integration

I'm using Gitlab CI to test Relevance.

build status

I've had some issues with Travis builds failing to get dependencies, so I decided to deprecate it.


I'm using git-flow. Pull requests are welcome. Please base them off the develop branch.

Version number conventions

Relevance uses break versioning.

The development version on project.clj will reflect the current state of the code, and will normally include SNAPSHOT.

I can't update the package version from manifest.json to include alphanumerics, so that version will remain as the last public until I'm nearing a release (or need to test a data migration).


Includes pixeden's iOS 7 vector icons.

Relevance is (c) 2016 Numergent Limited, and released under the MIT License.