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Tests and demo code for the Khroma ClojureScript library.

UPDATE: Khroma-tests is included directly into Khroma starting with version 0.3. Khroma-tests 0.2 will be the last standalone version.


Khroma cannot be tested by itself, since a lot of the APIs it uses are only exposed by Chrome for extensions with the proper permissions. Therefore, we need a test application which runs inside Chrome.

It should also double as usage examples. You can read more about it here or check out all other khroma-related articles.

Khroma-tests aims to keep pace with Khroma version numbers, so you can expect that version 0.2.0 will have tests for Khroma 0.2.0


  • Clone this repository.
  • lein chromebuild once
  • Add the just built extension from target/unpacked to Chrome.
  • Press the shiny new lambda button on your browser bar.


If the latest khroma and chromebuild dependencies haven't been pushed to Clojars, you can clone and lein install from these repositories:


This repository will be maintained using git-flow. Pull requests are welcome, please make them from your clone's develop branch.

develop and master branches can be considered set in stone, but I'll be developing this publicly - if you see a feature branch, assume it's mercurial and may be amended or rebased in the future.


Copyright (c) 2015 Numergent Limited. Distributed under the Eclipse Public License.