Résif Seismology user support

Résif Seismology user support

Project ID: 26482636

You've reached the user support for Résif-Seismology. User support is operated by the Résif Technical Committee for seismology. To get help, send an email at sismo-help@resif.fr or sign in. Information on data access : https://seismology.resif.fr

If you want to submit an issue, please login and visit the issues category or send an email to [mailto:sismo-help@resif.fr]

Frequently Asked Question

Restricted data

How to get access to restricted data ?

You simply need to submit a new issue, either by visiting the issues link here, or send an email to [mailto:sismo-help@resif.fr].

If you have an account on gitlab.com, you can submit a ticket with an associated template.

How to access to restricted data

Either you are granted with a login/password, or you will use token based authentication.