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    linux-guide-and-hints 1.4.0 · 0c9b2f7b
    Tommy Nguyen authored
    *  Dockerfile: only copy built files over
    *  misc.rst: move firefox tips to new page
    *  .travis.yml: remove deploy step since we don't use ghpages
    *  Fix broken link
    *  Fix another broken link
    *  git.rst: add info on gpg2
    *  misc.rst: add info on a duplicity/gpg error
    *  git.rst: add gpg-agent info
    *  layout.html: fix subresource integrity
    *  layout.html: Whitelist rocket-loader
    *  winetips.rst: .NET install seems to be working again
    *  kubernetes.rst: fix test for directory
    *  Add article on port 465
    *  port465.rst: update formatting
    *  port465.rst: fix some typos
    *  port465.rst: fix more typos
    *  Remove .travis.yml
    *  Remove references to Travis
    *  kubernetes.rst: embed gist for helper script
    *  gettingstarted.rst: embed gist for helper script
    *  Dockerfile: use alpine instead of node:alpine as base
    *  Add Sourcehut build manifest
    *  Rename build manifest to match what git.sr.ht expects
    *  Update build manifest; remove old file
    *  Add Sourcehut badge
    *  backups.rst: new article
    *  gettingstarted.rst: link to wine tips
    *  backups.rst: add info about systemd units
    *  backups.rst: add info on services
    *  layout.html: don't hardcode rocket loader path
    *  backups.rst: add info on Keychain
    *  Add skip to main; move main to actually wrap content
    *  backups.rst: check if it's interactive, not a login shell
    *  copr.rst: new article
    *  .gitlab-ci.yml: test using certbot
    *  .gitlab-ci.yml: run certbot non-interactively
    *  .gitlab-ci.yml: just do the manual acme challenge
    *  .gitlab-ci.yml: remove challenge
    *  winetips.rst: updated info on launching; link to new mod
    *  winetips.rst: add info on FalloutNVLinuxLauncher
    *  winetips.rst: remove note about MO being broken
    *  winetips.rst: fix typo
    *  winetips.rst: info on renaming dirs to lowercase
    *  winetips.rst: add info on plugins.txt
    *  winetips.rst: add notes on wine/proton
    *  winetips.rst: mention how to get ENB working
    *  winetips.rst: fix typos
    *  Add link to How to Secure A Linux Server
    *  Remove quicklink and rocketloader
    *  Remove copy task
    *  Minify CSS
    *  Dockerfile: add missing dep; don't copy everything before npm install
    *  Add backup code-blocks for nojs users
    *  gcc.rst: provide additional info and corrections
    *  Use hosted versions of fonts to allow caching and improve load times
    *  Use hosted version of FontAwesome
    *  Use hosted version of FontAwesome via @font-face
    *  style.css: add font-display: fallback to font-faces
    *  Use loadCSS to defer loading Bootstrap
    *  Defer loading other non-critical CSS
    *  Load the optimized logo
    *  Revert loadCSS changes until unsafe-hashed-attributes is implemented
    *  git.rst: add info on synchronizing forks
    *  Add Sourcehut installation guide
    *  Move Sourcehut article to centos dir
    *  Move port465 article to misc dir
    *  srht.rst: add note on selinux and nginx
    *  srht.rst: correction about primary distro
    *  copr.rst: add link to my COPR
    *  packaging.rst: new article
    *  Use pypi version of sphinx-sitemap
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