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`git-build-rpm <>`_ is a tool (that
installs itself as a git subcommand) for packaging RPM's. Conveniently, it
handles submodules while tito and rpkg do not. First, grab the dependencies:
.. code-block:: bash
sudo dnf install git rpm-build perl-rpm-build-perl perl-IPC-System-Simple \
perl-Path-Class perl-Test-Pod perl-Module-Build
pip3 install --user git-archive-all
Then build and install:
.. code-block:: bash
perl Build.PL
./bin/git-build-rpm --package-name git-build-rpm
sudo dnf install git-build-rpm*.rpm
At the time of writing, it does not copy over SRPM's (which is what we really
want to upload to COPR), so apply this patch:
.. code-block:: diff
diff --git a/bin/git-build-rpm b/bin/git-build-rpm
index 69bea6f..1d18c47 100755
--- a/bin/git-build-rpm
+++ b/bin/git-build-rpm
@@ -128,11 +128,20 @@ runx 'rpmbuild', '-ba', '--define', "_topdir $dir",
$dir->subdir('RPMS')->recurse(callback => sub {
my $rpm = shift;
my $bn = $rpm->basename;
- return if $bn !~ /[.]rpm$/;
+ return if $bn !~ /rpm$/;
move $rpm, $bn;
print "* Copy $bn\n" unless $opts{quiet};
+$dir->subdir('SRPMS')->recurse(callback => sub {
+ my $rpm = shift;
+ my $bn = $rpm->basename;
+ return if $bn !~ /rpm$/;
+ move $rpm, $bn;
+ print "* Copy $bn\n" unless $opts{quiet};
sub _pod2usage {
require Pod::Usage;
Now you should be able to build the SRPM and upload it to COPR like so:
.. code-block:: bash
git build-rpm --spec example.spec --package-name example
copr-cli build your-project /path/to/srpm.src.rpm
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