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Security and anti-patterns
Whether you are a system administrator or developer, practicing good
infosec hygiene is important. Downplaying the importance of security,
......@@ -108,6 +108,27 @@ mitigate denial-of-service attacks. [#f3]_
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Disabling mitigations
There's a site (and general opinion) called
making the rounds that recommends disabling all mitigations related to
Meltdown, Spectre, MDS, et al. It is our opinion that you should not be
following this advice. The kernel documentation has pages on `L1TF
<>`_ and
`MDS <>`_
that discusses these vulnerabilities in full, the available mitigations and the
pros and cons of disabling them. In a nutshell, since some of the mitigations
lead to performance degradation, some people are suggesting disabling all
mitigations. **This is very bad advice**.
The most significant performance degradation results from disabling SMT. Due to
the trade-off between the loss of performance and the low risk of most users
being affected by these vulnerabilities, SMT is on by default. If you care
about performance, **no further action is needed**. Disabling the other
mitigations exposes yourself to unnecessary risk for little to no performance
.. rubric:: Footnotes
.. [#f1] See `How to securely hash passwords? <>`_
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