Major release 0.5


  • Improve reading of OPF output from Calibre, which might fix compatibility with some combinations of Calibre versions and input formats
  • Long tag names no longer stick out of the left pane
  • Sort tags in highlight modal, documents in left pane, highlights and their tags in the highlights view


  • Use a configuration file in server mode, rather than a growing list of command-line options
  • Expose metrics to Prometheus
  • Send errors to Sentry
  • Add 'delete project' button
  • Add account management page, to update email/password
  • Add password recovery feature (if you have an email set)
  • "New highlight" button shows up next to selected text rather than mouse, making it work with touch screens (mobile) and screen readers (hopefully)
  • Convert old .DOC files (Word 97) using WV if available
  • Add collaborator management modal, to add more members to a project
  • Changed default port number from 8000 to 7465
  • Add spinning icon while requests are in progress, to prevent multiple submission of forms (document add takes ~10s for example)