Major release 0.8

Calibre safeguards, cookie warning, QDC export, highlights counts.


  • Don't show 500 error on invalid email reset token
  • Explicitly close DB connections, which might help with some warnings
  • Don't show 'merge' button in modal when creating a new tag
  • Fix getting logged out in single-user mode with --debug
  • Don't scroll to the top of the document when clicking on a disabled link
  • Fix taguette --database=filename not working when filename does not contain directories


  • Add limits on converted file size
  • Don't have Calibre export image files from PDF, since we don't read them
  • Add a scrollbar to modals, since they can grow big in projects with many tags
  • Use the file name as document name if left blank
  • Show cookie warning before setting any (optional in configuration)
  • Add the REFI-QDA Codebook (.qdc) export format
  • Improve the collaborator management modal
  • Show the number of highlights which each tag in the "highlights" panel