Commit dd666778 authored by Red Bot's avatar Red Bot

Merge branch 'plure' into 'master'

Fixed a feature with items marked destroy, also included the most recent ItemActions.h

See merge request !112
parents 78157f17 c317f61d
......@@ -21,7 +21,10 @@ extern pluginclock::time_point LootThreadTimer;
bool MoveToNPC(PSPAWNINFO pSpawn);
bool HandleMoveUtils(void); // Used to connect to MQ2MoveUtils
bool OpenWindow(PSPAWNINFO pSpawn);
void SellItem(PITEMINFO theitem);
bool CheckIfItemIsInSlot(short InvSlot, short BagSlot);
bool WaitForItemToBeSelected(PCONTENTS pItem, short InvSlot, short BagSlot);
bool WaitForItemToBeSold(short InvSlot, short BagSlot);
void SellItem(PCONTENTS pItem);
bool FitInPersonalBank(PITEMINFO pItem);
void PutInPersonalBank(PITEMINFO pItem);
bool CheckGuildBank(PITEMINFO pItem);
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