Commit 9d4b4d27 authored by James Foster's avatar James Foster

Bug fix for MashCOnd array name mis-spelling.

parent 0b123587
| - kissassist.mac v10.0.3 by Maskoi 05/28/2017.
| - kissassist.mac v10.0.3 by Maskoi 06/03/2017.
| - Contributions by anonymoushero, crystane, eqmule, thenomadman, william12.
| - ChainPull, Debuffs and combat rewrites by ctaylor22.
| - PetTank, PullerPetTank & HunterPetTank roles developed by TreeHuginDruid
......@@ -7092,7 +7092,7 @@ Sub Event_MezBroke(meztext,mezmob,mezbreaker)
/varcalc WArrayCount ${WArrayCount}+1
} else /if (${TempArray[${i}].Find[|mash]} && ${TempArray[${i}].Arg[2,|].NotEqual[0]}) {
/varset MashArray[${MArrayCount}] ${TempArray[${i}].Arg[1,|]}
/vardata MashCond[${WArrayCount}] CArray[${i}]
/vardata MashCond[${MArrayCount}] CArray[${i}]
/if (${Debug}) /echo ${MashArray[${MArrayCount}]}
/if (${MArrayCount}) /varset TempArray[${i}] NULL
/varcalc MArrayCount ${MArrayCount}+1
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