Commit 91e14c50 authored by noobhaxor's avatar noobhaxor

Reflexive Rejoinder Mana draw fix

parent 2b896b6a
......@@ -107,7 +107,7 @@ Sub AESongs
Sub CombatSongs
|In Combat
/if (${Me.CombatAbilityReady["Reflexive Rejoinder"]}&& ${Me.PctEndurance}>10 && ${Spawn[group cleric].PctMana}<60) {
/if (${Me.CombatAbilityReady["Reflexive Rejoinder"]}&& ${Me.PctEndurance}>10 && (${Group.Member[${Spawn[group cleric].CleanName}].PctMana}<50||${Group.Member[${Spawn[group cleric].CleanName}].PctMana}>=1)) {
/docommand /doability "Reflexive Rejoinder"
/delay 8 !${Me.CombatAbilityReady["Reflexive Rejoinder"]}
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