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Merge branch 'plure' into 'master'

Fixes and updates to MQ2AutoLoot - Version 1.10

See merge request !107
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#include <chrono>
using namespace std;
typedef std::chrono::high_resolution_clock pluginclock;
// Variables necessary to deposit/sell/barter/etc items
extern bool bBarterActive;
extern bool bDepositActive;
extern bool bSellActive;
extern bool bBuyActive;
extern bool bBarterReset; // Set to true when you need to refresh your barter search
extern bool bBarterItemSold; // Set to true when you sell an item
extern bool bEndThreads; // Set to true when you want to end any threads out there, also it is used to enforce that at most a single thread is active at one time
extern pluginclock::time_point LootThreadTimer;
// Functions necessary to deposit/sell/barter/etc items
bool MoveToNPC(PSPAWNINFO pSpawn);
bool HandleMoveUtils(void); // Used to connect to MQ2MoveUtils
bool OpenWindow(PSPAWNINFO pSpawn);
void SellItem(PITEMINFO theitem);
bool FitInPersonalBank(PITEMINFO pItem);
void PutInPersonalBank(PITEMINFO pItem);
bool CheckGuildBank(PITEMINFO pItem);
bool PutInGuildBank(PITEMINFO pItem);
bool DepositItems(PITEMINFO pItem);
void SetItemPermissions(PITEMINFO pItem);
void BarterSearch(int nBarterItems, CHAR* pzItemName, DWORD MyBarterMinimum, CListWnd *cListInvWnd);
int FindBarterIndex(DWORD MyBarterMinimum, CListWnd *cBuyLineListWnd);
bool SelectBarterSell (int BarterMaximumIndex, CListWnd *cBuyLineListWnd);
void SelectBarterQuantity(int BarterMaximumIndex, CHAR* pszItemName, CListWnd *cBuyLineListWnd);
DWORD __stdcall SellItems(PVOID pData);
DWORD __stdcall BuyItem(PVOID pData);
DWORD __stdcall DepositPersonalBanker(PVOID pData);
DWORD __stdcall DepositGuildBanker(PVOID pData);
DWORD __stdcall BarterItems(PVOID pData);
\ No newline at end of file
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#define PLUGIN_MSG "\ag[MQ2AutoLoot]\ax "
#include <chrono>
using namespace std;
typedef std::chrono::high_resolution_clock pluginclock;
// Variables that are setable through the /AutoLoot command
extern int iUseAutoLoot;
extern int iSpamLootInfo;
extern int iCursorDelay;
extern int iDistributeLootDelay;
extern int iSaveBagSlots;
extern int iQuestKeep;
extern int iBarMinSellPrice;
extern int iLogLoot;
extern char szNoDropDefault[MAX_STRING];
extern char szLootINI[MAX_STRING];
extern char szExcludedBag1[MAX_STRING];
extern char szExcludedBag2[MAX_STRING];
extern char szGuildItemPermission[MAX_STRING];
extern char szTemp[MAX_STRING];
extern char szCommand[MAX_STRING];
extern char szLootStuffAction[MAX_STRING];
extern char szLogPath[MAX_STRING];
extern char szLogFileName[MAX_STRING];
// Functions necessary for MQ2AutoLoot
bool InGameOK(void);
void SetAutoLootVariables(void);
void CreateLootINI(void);
bool CheckCursor(void); // Returns true if an item is on your cursor
bool DestroyStuff(void); // Will find items you loot marked destroy and delete them
bool CheckWindows(bool ItemOnCursor); // Returns true if your attempting to accept trade requests or click the confirmation box for no drop items
bool SetLootSettings(void); // Turn off Auto Loot All
bool HandlePersonalLoot(bool ItemOnCursor, PCHARINFO pChar, PEQADVLOOTWND pAdvLoot, CListWnd *pPersonalList, CListWnd *pSharedList); // Handle items in your personal loot window
bool HandleSharedLoot(bool ItemOnCursor, PCHARINFO pChar, PCHARINFO2 pChar2, PEQADVLOOTWND pAdvLoot, CListWnd *pPersonalList, CListWnd *pSharedList); // Handle items in your shared loot window
bool WinState(CXWnd *Wnd);
PMQPLUGIN Plugin(char* PluginName);
bool HandleEQBC(void); // Used to get EQBC Names
bool DoIHaveSpace(CHAR* pszItemName, DWORD plMaxStackSize, DWORD pdStackSize);
bool FitInInventory(DWORD pdItemSize);
int CheckIfItemIsLoreByID(int ItemID);
DWORD FindItemCount(CHAR* pszItemName);
DWORD __stdcall PassOutLoot(PVOID pData); // Pass out items to the group or the raid
bool DistributeLoot(CHAR* szName, PLOOTITEM pShareItem);
void DoBarterStuff(CHAR* szAction);
bool DirectoryExists(LPCTSTR lpszPath);
void CreateLogEntry(PCHAR szLogEntry);
void AutoLootCommand(PSPAWNINFO pCHAR, PCHAR szLine);
LONG SetBOOL(long Cur, PCHAR Val, PCHAR Sec = "", PCHAR Key = "", PCHAR INI = "");
void SetItemCommand(PSPAWNINFO pCHAR, PCHAR szLine);
void CreateLootEntry(CHAR* szAction, CHAR* szEntry, PITEMINFO pItem);
int dataAutoLoot(char* szName, MQ2TYPEVAR &Ret);
int AutoLootFreeInventory(void); // used to calculate TLO ${AutoLoot.FreeInventory}
......@@ -13,7 +13,7 @@
<PropertyGroup Label="Globals">
<Import Project="$(VCTargetsPath)\Microsoft.Cpp.Default.props" />
<PropertyGroup Condition="'$(Configuration)|$(Platform)'=='Release|Win32'" Label="Configuration">
......@@ -41,23 +41,24 @@
<PropertyGroup Condition="'$(Configuration)|$(Platform)'=='Release|Win32'">
<PropertyGroup Condition="'$(Configuration)|$(Platform)'=='Debug|Win32'">
<PropertyGroup Condition="'$(Configuration)|$(Platform)'=='Debug|Win32'" />
<ItemDefinitionGroup Condition="'$(Configuration)|$(Platform)'=='Release|Win32'">
<ClCompile />
<ItemDefinitionGroup Condition="'$(Configuration)|$(Platform)'=='Debug|Win32'">
<ClCompile />
<ClCompile Include="LootPatterns.cpp" />
<ClCompile Include="..\MQ2AutoLootSort\LootSort.cpp" />
<ClCompile Include="ItemActions.cpp" />
<ClCompile Include="LootPatterns.cpp" />
<ClCompile Include="MQ2AutoLoot.cpp" />
<ClInclude Include="..\MQ2AutoLootSort\LootSort.h" />
<ClInclude Include="..\MQ2Plugin.h" />
<ClInclude Include="ItemActions.h" />
<ClInclude Include="LootPatterns.h" />
<ClInclude Include="MQ2AutoLoot.h" />
<Import Project="$(VCTargetsPath)\Microsoft.Cpp.targets" />
<ImportGroup Label="ExtensionTargets">
......@@ -24,6 +24,9 @@
<ClCompile Include="..\MQ2AutoLootSort\LootSort.cpp">
<Filter>Source Files</Filter>
<ClCompile Include="ItemActions.cpp">
<Filter>Source Files</Filter>
<ClInclude Include="..\MQ2Plugin.h">
......@@ -35,5 +38,11 @@
<ClInclude Include="..\MQ2AutoLootSort\LootSort.h">
<Filter>Header Files</Filter>
<ClInclude Include="MQ2AutoLoot.h">
<Filter>Header Files</Filter>
<ClInclude Include="ItemActions.h">
<Filter>Header Files</Filter>
\ No newline at end of file
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