Verified Commit 53982d3f authored by recette lemonweed's avatar recette lemonweed 🇮🇸

small fix

parent 1840ef1d
......@@ -56,12 +56,12 @@ function assignAliases(id, message, args){
for(let alias of inaliases){
let [trigger, command] = alias.split("=");
if(!(trigger && command))
return message.reply("Syntax is:\n```??config --aliases\nsaynice=say nice\nddg=g --ddg```");
return message.reply(`Syntax is:\n\`\`\`${Config.trigger}config --aliases\nsaynice=say nice\nddg=g --ddg\`\`\``);
return message.reply("Triggers need to be regular characters.");
trigger = trigger.toLowerCase();
command = command.replace(/\\(?=-)/, "").split(" ");
if(trigger ===
if(trigger ===
return message.reply("You're not allowed to brick this command.");
aliases[trigger] = command;
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