Verified Commit 24d4ed1c authored by Thomas Lorblanchès's avatar Thomas Lorblanchès Committed by Michael Baudino

Fix recalbox.version does not exist on non-docker builds

parent c5f8991d
......@@ -72,6 +72,9 @@ rm -f "${TARGET_DIR}/etc/shadow" || exit 1
ln -sf "/run/recalbox.shadow" "${TARGET_DIR}/etc/shadow" || exit 1
# Add the date while the version can be nightly or unstable
if [ ! -f "${TARGET_DIR}/recalbox/recalbox.version" ]; then
echo "development" > "${TARGET_DIR}/recalbox/recalbox.version"
RVERSION=$(cat "${TARGET_DIR}/recalbox/recalbox.version")
# bootsplash
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