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    Fix RECALBOX_VERSION mechanism · b43ee058
    Michael Baudino authored
    There previously was a mixup between a variable named `RECALBOX_VERSION`
    and another one named `RECALBOX_VERSION_LABEL`. They were doing the same
    thing but were scoped to different areas. This commit streamlines them
    to use `RECALBOX_VERSION` everywhere.
    The `recalbox.version` file is overwritten by this value at compile
    time, thus we don't need it in the codebase. This commit removes and
    git-ignores it.
    This mixup led to a bug where if unset, `RECALBOX_VERSION` had no
    default value, and `recalbox.version` was emptied at compilation time.
    Fortunately, that only impacted local builds, since CI always defines
    `RECALBOX_VERSION`. This commit fixes `RECALBOX_VERSION` default value
    to be `development` on local builds.
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