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chore: update music text file

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Place your mp3 or ogg files here to replace default bg music in emulationstation.
The files must have a sampling rate of 44100Hz and shouldn't have a higher bit rate than 256 kb/s.
Place your music files here to replace default background music in EmulationStation.
Supported formats:
- OGG (*.ogg)
- OGG OPUS (*.opus)
- MP3 (*.mp3)
- FLAC (*.flac)
- WAVE (*.wav)
- Modules (*.mod *.s3m *.xm *.it *.669 *.apun *.dsm *.far *.amf *.gdm *.imf *.med *.mtm *.okt *.stm *.stx *.ult *.uni)
- MIDI files (*.mid *.midi)
Beware: For MIDI file, there is *NO* default soundfont installed.
You must install a soundfont (named soundfont.sf2) in this folder.
Some websites where to download soundfonts:
- Generic:
- Minmalist:
- Collections & game-related soundfonts:
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