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  • 4.1.0
    0e83f770 · 4.1.0 in readme ·

    Step 3: 4.1.0 release

    The new installation process:

    Legacy installation process:

  • 4.0.1

    Step 2: recalbox v4.0.1 final.

    • Fixed upgrade process
    • Fixes nes 30 controller default layout
    • Added support for rpi2v1.2
  • 4.0.0
    f30ae300 · prepare 4.0.0 release ·

    Step 1: recalbox v4.0.0 final.

    • Support for USB keys
    • New ES languages
    • Retroachievements
    • New Recalbox theme
    • Powerswitch (through dedicated boards or GPIO)
    • New shaders + Integer Scale display
    • New automatic configuration for ScummVM, N64 and Moonlight

    Download recalboxOS-4.0.0.zip and see the Installation wiki.

  • 4.0.0-beta6

    Changes: -Reenable mp3 support for SDL2 mixer. -Solve the loading of the DB9 driver -N64 configgen shouldn't crash anymore if some keys are not mapped

  • 4.0.0-beta5


    • Updated libretro mame 2003 core. Fixes the ratio issue in mame.
    • Improved pads and gpio support for moonlight
    • Change location of PM2_HOME to fix a bug with API daemon
    • Disable printer sharing to reduce log output
    • Prevent MacOS from adding its .DS_store

    Download recalboxOS-4.0.0-beta5.zip and see the Installation wiki.

  • 4.0.0-beta4
    4f4e5fa4 · v4.0.0-beta3 ·


    • Update to moonlight-embedded-2.2.1 (but still displays 2.2.0 when running), adds support for GFE 2.11
    • Added enet library for moonlight-embedded-2.2.0
    • Solved a bug on xarcade where B and HOTKEY were sending the same event
    • Slide transition by default in ES
    • Power management switch support (power,reset and LED) for pin 3/5/6
    • Add ifconfig -a and /boot/recalbox-boot.conf in recalbox-support.sh
    • S99Custom now trasmits its init parameter to custom.sh
    • Bumped retroarch to v1.3.4
    • Add ipega 9021 rules
    • Added stat in busybox
    • Corrected favorite display in gamelist

    Download recalboxOS-4.0.0-beta4.zip and see the Installation wiki.

  • 4.0.0-beta3
    4f4e5fa4 · v4.0.0-beta3 ·


    • Xarcade2jstick button remapped + better support of IPAC encoders
    • Added IPAC2 keyboard encoder
    • Patched xpad driver to support Xbox One controllers in USB mode
    • Updated gamepads inputs to support moonlight
    • Fix some kodi bugs about joysticks
    • Added OpenGL + scalers supports to scummvm
    • Power management switch support for pin 5/6
    • Fix freeze issue with libretro-mgba core
    • Added megatools
    • Added new recalbox 4.0.0 systems
    • Added crt-pi shaders
    • Fix Namco/Taito games in mame2003
    • Added kempston joystick by default for zxspectrum
    • Updated scummvm to version 1.8
    • Added VIM
    • Added recalbox-themes package
    • Recalbox theme by default

    Download recalboxOS-4.0.0-beta3.zip and see the Installation wiki.

  • 4.0.0-beta2
    55416861 · 4.0.0-beta2 ·


    • Added rpi3 support (without bluetooth)
    • Added support for power management boards
    • Added rpi gpio and wiringpi
    • Added OOB remote controls
    • Fixed keyboard issue in ES
    • Fixed retroachievement support on picodrive and fceumm libretro cores
    • Fixed system locales
    • Updated 8bitdo gamepads
    • Bumped to moonlight-embedded-2.1.4
    • Overclock set to none now delete lines in config.txt
    • Improved keyboard encoders support
    • Fixed an issue concerning ISO loading taking too long

    Download recalboxOS-4.0.0-beta2.zip and see the Installation wiki.

  • 4.0.0-beta1
    f09005ed · 4.0.0-beta1 ·


    Download recalboxOS-4.0.0-beta1.zip and see the Installation wiki.

  • v3.3.0-beta17
    cfa1f36e · 3.3.0-beta17 ·


    • New version of xboxdrv
    • Corrected 8bitdo mapping
    • Added LIRC support

    Download recalboxOS-v3.3.0-beta-17.zip and see the Installation wiki.

  • v3.3.0-beta16


    • Corrected kodi start
    • Bumped to moonlight-embedded-2.1.2
  • v3.3.0-beta15


    • Corrected sound issues with IREM games on libretro-mame2003 core
    • Updated libretro-fba core from FBA to FBA
    • Added recalbox api
    • Added Chinese and Turkish
    • Corrected Basque
    • Added samba switch in recalbox.conf
    • Added WiiMote support
    • Added Kodi controller support
    • Corrected controller <-> player attribution
    • Added moonlight system support, with roms
    • Added new switch in recalbox.conf for ssh and virtual gamepads
  • v3.3.0-beta-14
    b246868d · v3.3.0-beta12 ·


    Download recalboxOS-v3.3.0-beta-14.zip and see the Installation wiki.

  • v3.3.0-beta-11
    7cc5530e · v3.3.0-beta10 ·


    • Added GLideN64 video plugin
    • Added mame2003 libretro as default mame emulator
    • Added system.emulators.specialkeys to select the emulators special keys functions
    • Updated snes9x core (fix the bomberman 5 freeze)
    • Added Saitek controllers support
    • Added select shortcut in menu for quick restart / shutdown
    • Added Basque language

    Download recalboxOS-v3.3.0-beta-11.zip and see the Installation wiki.

  • v3.3.0-beta-10
    7cc5530e · v3.3.0-beta10 ·
  • v3.3.0-beta-9
    38d0b413 · added yatse mini images ·


    • Fixed Moonlight theme for zoid
    • Added splashscreen for long reboots
    • Added mplayer and jscal
    • Updated atari 2600 stella core for 2 players support
    • Updated fba libretro for R3 diag menu
    • Added xbox 360 official wireless dongle support OOTB
    • Added fullscreen/ratio/widescreen hack settings for n64

    Download recalboxOS-v3.3.0-beta-9.zip and see the Installation wiki.

  • v3.3.0-beta-8
    8e1d7cef · Update README.md ·


    • Corrected wifi and virtualgamepads on rpi1

    Download recalboxOS-v3.3.0-beta-8.zip and see the Installation wiki.

  • v3.3.0-beta-7
    4fe08879 · Update README.md ·


    • Updated themes + added moonlight themes
    • Updated .dat and infos about fba_libretro romset
    • Updated recalbox.conf with list of cores not supporting rewind
    • Added system.es.menu option
    • Added Moonlight
    • Added kodi webserver on port 8081
    • Added auto-connection for bluetooth controllers

    Download recalboxOS-v3.3.0-beta-7.zip and see the Installation wiki.

  • v3.3.0-beta-5


    • Added scanlines and retro shadersets
    • Added name based sdl2 driver switch (8bitdo support)
    • Added cavestory support
    • Added mad and vorbis support in scummvm

    Download recalboxOS-v3.3.0-beta-5.zip and see the Installation wiki.

  • v3.3.0-beta-4


    • Corrected '16/10' support and 16/10 is set as default for wswan
    • Removed cheats update
    • Added 8bitdo SFC30 and NES30 PRO support
    • Corrected X to launch kodi

    Download recalboxOS-v3.3.0-beta-4.zip and see the Installation wiki.