Commit f8355ef8 authored by Aloshi's avatar Aloshi

Merge identical help names for dpad-mapped actions.

parent f32e8fff
......@@ -245,12 +245,36 @@ void Window::setHelpPrompts(const std::vector<HelpPrompt>& prompts)
std::vector<HelpPrompt> addPrompts;
std::map<std::string, bool> seenMap;
std::map<std::string, bool> inputSeenMap;
std::map<std::string, int> mappedToSeenMap;
for(auto it = prompts.begin(); it != prompts.end(); it++)
// only add it if the same icon hasn't already been added
if(seenMap.insert(std::make_pair<std::string, bool>(it->first, true)).second)
if(inputSeenMap.insert(std::make_pair<std::string, bool>(it->first, true)).second)
// this symbol hasn't been seen yet, what about the action name?
auto mappedTo = mappedToSeenMap.find(it->second);
if(mappedTo != mappedToSeenMap.end())
// yes, it has!
// can we combine? (dpad only)
if((it->first == "up/down" &&>second).first == "left/right") ||
(it->first == "left/right" &&>second).first == "up/down"))
// yes!>second).first = "up/down/left/right";
// don't need to add this to addPrompts since we just merged
// no, we can't combine!
// no, it hasn't!
mappedToSeenMap.insert(std::pair<std::string, int>(it->second, addPrompts.size()));
// sort prompts so it goes [dpad_all] [dpad_u/d] [dpad_l/r] [a/b/x/y/l/r] [start/select]
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