Commit f141dd25 authored by Aloshi's avatar Aloshi

Fixed "WORKING" text hiding the G at some resolutions.

parent 4ad8017c
......@@ -40,7 +40,7 @@ void BusyComponent::onSizeChanged()
const float middleSpacerWidth = 0.01f * Renderer::getScreenWidth();
const float textHeight = mText->getFont()->getLetterHeight();
mText->setSize(0, textHeight);
const float textWidth = mText->getSize().x();
const float textWidth = mText->getSize().x() + 4;
mGrid.setColWidthPerc(1, textHeight / mSize.x()); // animation is square
mGrid.setColWidthPerc(2, middleSpacerWidth / mSize.x());
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