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Copyright (c) 2013 Alec Lofquist
Copyright (c) 2014 Alec Lofquist
Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person obtaining a copy
of this software and associated documentation files (the "Software"), to deal
May 13, 2013
-Ported to Windows. You'll need to change the lib_paths property sheet Include and Library directories (I didn't include dependencies!).
-Added --windowed (only works for desktop builds).
April 13, 2013
-Finally merged the unstable branch, which means better input everything!
-Can now use multiple joysticks.
-Can now remap keyboard input.
-Hopefully prevented infinitely recursing symlinks.
March 28, 2013
-Hopefully fixed bad joystick events at startup.
March 25, 2013
-Fixed waking up from sleep with axes.
March 19, 2013
-Finally added a "dim" or sleep mode. Change behavior with "--dimtime [positive integer time in seconds]", with 0 for off.
March 17, 2013
-Added Fast Select font tag.
January 26, 2013
-Added "Reload" option to the menu. This option reloads all game data.
January 8, 2013
-Made a value of zero for "list selected color" mean no change.
January 6, 2013
-Added <basicTheme> tag support.
December 20, 2012
-Added --debug command-line option. Useful if you're having input config problems.
-Changed things so you can finish configuring without a keyboard. You should no longer need a keyboard to set up ES; SSH access should be sufficient.
December 14, 2012
-Added %BASENAME% tag for launch commands. Useful for AdvMAME.
December 8, 2012
-Fixed a segfault when opening the menu (related to sounds). Woops!
-Fixed PAGEDOWN/PAGEUP not appearing in the input config GUI.
-Fixed PAGEDOWN/PAGEUP not properly clearing/updating detail data.
November 19
-Added Arch Linux's DejaVuSeriff.ttf path to the list of fonts to check for.
November 17
-Fixed default game image resizing if none is defined.
-Heavily refactored theming. You shouldn't notice any changes, but if something broke, let me know!
November 14
-Added Exit command to the menu.
October 31
-Added custom font support. Check out
-Happy halloween!
October 26
-Hopefully fixed the black screen bug with certain programs.
October 25
-Added gameImageNotFound tag for an image to display if a game image is not found/defined.
-Fixed keyboard not skipping joystick input configuration.
-Fixed a nasty crash bug with sounds. Always initialize your variables, kids!
October 17
-Added GuiAnimation class which animates its children.
-The game image on the game list now slides/fades in and out.
-You can now define alpha in hex colors (add two characters) - e.g. FFFFFF2F
October 14
-Fixed game list continuing to scroll when a menu is opened or a game is started.
October 13
-Added sound support through SDL_mixer.
-Added new theme tags for defining menu sounds. See for details.
-Added new theme tags for defining game art information. See for details.
October 10
-Added a theming tag for the Fast Select box's text.
-Fixed GuiBox background being positioned wrong.
-Fixed GuiBox/GuiFastSelect render order.
-Redid tiling to use only 6 verticies (instead of tilecount-dependent) with wrapped textures. Tiling is also precise now (cuts off when it should).
October 7
-Fixed borders for GuiBox. The right and bottom borders are flipped, too.
-Added corners for GuiBox.
-Added setFlipX() and setFlipY() to the GuiImage class.
-Added theming tags for the Fast Select GuiBox! See for more details. Tiling still not perfect though.
October 5
-GuiFastSelect is working, but ugly.
-Began work on GuiBox for theming the fast select dialog.
-Finally fixed detailed GuiGameList detection after input mapping.
September 30
-Began implementing GuiFastSelect, currently invoked by holding F2. Unfortunately, it doesn't do anything yet.
-Added <listSelectedColor>.
-Fixed OpenGL mipmap generation not setting a magnification filter. Hopefully this fixes the weird scaling. If not, I can switch from nearest neighbor to linear.
September 29
-SDL is now completely shut down on both the RPi and SDL GL renderer. You may see the flicker of a terminal when you launch a game. This was done in preparation for audio.
September 23
-Fixed crash when "%ROM%" isn't present in a launch command. Not sure why you'd ever do this on purpose, but hey.
-Added relative path operator ("./") support for gamelist.xml, for both game paths and image paths.
September 16
-Fixed a bug with skipping over unicode characters. [X] will be displayed if the character is not standard ASCII (characters 32 to 127).
September 15
-Added <listOffsetX>, <listTextOffsetX>, and <gameImageOffsetY> theme tags. See for details.
-Fixed a bug causing gamelists to be read incorrectly.
September 14
-Joystick names are now saved during input configuration to es_input.cfg.
-When loading an input config, if JOYNAME is defined, load the first joystick with that name. If it is not present, load the first joystick (old behavior).
-Joysticks should re-initialize properly with SDL on the desktop configuration.
September 10
-Fixed multiple extensions breaking things.
-Added Makefile.x86 for building on a desktop (acquire OpenGL context through SDL instead of EGL).
September 8
-Added support for multiple filetypes for systems - just separate them with a space.
-Updated example systems config to include example for multiple filetypes and be a little clearer.
September 7
-Tiling is now much faster.
-Added --draw-framerate and --help/-h command-line parameters.
-Fixed themes not properly re-initializing.
-Commented most headers. Things should be kind of understandable now.
-Finally increased scrolling speed.
September 3
-Everything is now rendered with OpenGL, leading to a (roughly) 600%+ speedup!
August 13
-Tons of new theming features!
-I've added a file for documentation on theming.
-A file.
-Fixed theme defaults not resetting when theme changes.
-The game image on the GuiGameList now maintains its alpha channel.
-Descriptions can now contain newline characters.
-Changed the size of the game info column to be 50% of the screen (previously 40%).
-Adjusted description to have a 3% left and right margins.
-Added $infoWidth variable for playing with the size of the game info column.
-Added <listLeftAlign /> tag that makes the game list left aligned instead of centered.
-Made Renderer::LARGE (header) fontsize slightly bigger
August 12
-If a theme.xml is not found in a system's directory, ES will now check for $HOME/.emulationstation/es_theme.xml. If present, it will load that.
-Themes can now be used without the detailed GuiGameList.
-Fixed GuiGameList image data not updating on system change/initial startup (finally!)
-Made the GuiList code a little bit less likely to crash on empty lists
August 10
-Themes now load from system directories (and thus you can set a different theme for each system)
-Theme paths now expand . (to directory of this theme.xml) and ~ (to $HOME).
-Added --ignore-gamelist switch. Does as it says, and forces the simple GuiGameList.
-Folders that do not contain games will not be added.
-Fixed float percentages in GuiTheme being converted to integers before they were converted to pixels...woops!
August 9
-Removed multithreaded image loading
-Improved GuiImage rendering speed by adding additional processing at load time (SDL_DisplayFormat)
-Began work on the GuiTheme class, allowing custom theming with an XML file
August 8
-Added automatic resizing of images using SDL_gfx
-Experimenting with multithreaded image loading for the GuiImage class
-Removed warning if an unknown variable is found in a systems config file (useful for additional utilities)
August 7
-gamelist.xml files are now read from each system's individual search directory.
-The switch --gamelist-only was added. Use it to skip automatic searching and only use files defined in gamelist.xml.
-A gamelist.xml file can now specify a file that wasn't previously found by the automatic search.
-Fixed alphabetizing uppercase and lowercase letters differently (woops!)
-When loading the system config file, if a system doesn't contain any games, it will be automatically deleted.
August 4
-Moved configuration files to $HOME/.emulationstation/
-Renderer::loadFonts() will now fall back to /usr/share/fonts/truetype/ttf-dejavu/DejaVuSans.ttf if LinLibertine.ttf is not found.
-All folders should now be sorted alphabetically
-Added Menu button
-Added menu consisting of bash commands for "Restart" and "Shutdown"
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