Commit 8bfde969 authored by Aloshi's avatar Aloshi

Added missing sorts.

parent 3a3471cf
......@@ -3,7 +3,17 @@
namespace FileSorts
const FileData::SortType typesArr[] = {
FileData::SortType(&compareFileName, true, "file name, ascending")
FileData::SortType(&compareFileName, true, "filename, ascending"),
FileData::SortType(&compareFileName, false, "filename, descending"),
FileData::SortType(&compareRating, true, "rating, ascending"),
FileData::SortType(&compareRating, false, "rating, descending"),
FileData::SortType(&compareTimesPlayed, true, "times played, ascending"),
FileData::SortType(&compareTimesPlayed, false, "times played, descending"),
FileData::SortType(&compareLastPlayed, true, "last played, ascending"),
FileData::SortType(&compareLastPlayed, false, "last played, descending")
const std::vector<FileData::SortType> SortTypes(typesArr, typesArr + sizeof(typesArr)/sizeof(typesArr[0]));
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