Commit 8bd876d0 authored by dem1980's avatar dem1980

Update GuiMenu.cpp

Add overclock description to know which option is safe and which option is extrem
parent a59d0821
......@@ -98,10 +98,10 @@ GuiMenu::GuiMenu(Window* window) : GuiComponent(window), mMenu(window, "MAIN MEN
// Overclock choice
auto overclock_choice = std::make_shared< OptionListComponent<std::string> >(window, "OVERCLOCK", false);
std::string currentOverclock = Settings::getInstance()->getString("Overclock");
overclock_choice->add("EXTREM", "extrem", currentOverclock == "extrem");
overclock_choice->add("TURBO", "turbo", currentOverclock == "turbo");
overclock_choice->add("HIGH", "high", currentOverclock == "high");
overclock_choice->add("NONE", "none", currentOverclock == "none");
overclock_choice->add("EXTREM (???Mhz)", "extrem", currentOverclock == "extrem");
overclock_choice->add("TURBO (1000Mhz)", "turbo", currentOverclock == "turbo");
overclock_choice->add("HIGH (950Mhz)", "high", currentOverclock == "high");
overclock_choice->add("NONE (700Mhz)", "none", currentOverclock == "none");
s->addWithLabel("OVERCLOCK", overclock_choice);
// overscan
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