Commit 7dc9c65b authored by Bkg2k's avatar Bkg2k

Fix SG1000 & ChannelF names

parent 85ff5abe
......@@ -79,13 +79,13 @@ const std::map<PlatformId, const char*> gamesdb_platformid_map = boost::assign::
(SCUMMVM, "ScummVM")
(CHANNELF, "Fairchild Channel-F")
(CHANNELF, "Fairchild Channel F")
(DAPHNE, "Daphne")
(ORICATMOS, "Oric/Atmos")
(POKEMINI, "Pokemon Mini")
(SATELLAVIEW, "Satellaview")
(SUFAMI, "Sufami Turbo")
(SG_1000, "Sega SG1000")
(SG_1000, "SEGA SG-1000")
(X68000, "Sharp X68000");
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