Commit 49d71a84 authored by Bkg2k's avatar Bkg2k

sort: fix descending sorts

parent 47d2e0d3
......@@ -394,8 +394,8 @@ void FolderData::QuickSortDescending(FileData::List& items, int low, int high, i
Low++; High--;
}while(Low <= High);
if (High > low) QuickSortAscending(items, low, High, comparer);
if (Low < high) QuickSortAscending(items, Low, high, comparer);
if (High > low) QuickSortDescending(items, low, High, comparer);
if (Low < high) QuickSortDescending(items, Low, high, comparer);
bool FolderData::Contains(const FileData* item, bool recurse)
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