v4.0.0 release
Closes https://gitlab.com/recalbox/recalbox-emulationstation-prime/milestones/1

[4.0.0] - 2016-02-02


  • Added help popups for system settings
  • HTTPS support for screenscraper mirror
  • Support of emulationstation.gamelistonly and emulationstation.hidesystemview
  • Added Catalan translation
  • Added a virtual keyboard
  • Added GuiMsgBoxScroll, a scrollable message box
  • Added a Screenscraper DB scraper
  • Added 3 new sort lists : by genre/developer/number of players
  • Added an option to show hidden games
  • Add new Traditional Chinese Language
  • Added custom favorites icons for each system
  • Favorites as boolean in metadata
  • Game options for each available systems
  • Emulator and core switch in metadata
  • hidden metadata
  • Favorite selection now let cursor on the current game
  • Reload gamelist feature
  • Multithreaded list loading and writing
  • Added favorite system
  • Switched a and b buttons functions
  • Added support for RPI3 overclock (only none)
  • Added autosave/load in game options
  • Added retroachievements in game options
  • Added retroachievements hardcore mode in game options
  • Added Creation of READY flag in /tmp directory
  • Added integer scale option in game options


  • Fixed ParseGamelistOnly support
  • Enhanced boot time
  • Fix Bug with small SHARE partition
  • Fix : Es scraper won't no more gets stuck when screensaver is activated
  • Fix : Background musics are now played randomly