Commit a7d37d0f authored by rockaddicted's avatar rockaddicted

fixed norewind fbalibretro, to lazy to do a new PR

parent 856d4416
......@@ -35,7 +35,7 @@ coreToP2Device = {'fuse': '513', 'snes9x_next': '257' };
systemToRetroachievements = {'snes', 'nes', 'gba', 'gb', 'gbc', 'megadrive', 'pcengine'};
# Define systems not compatible with rewind option
systemNoRewind = {'virtualboy', 'sega32x', 'segacd', 'psx', 'fba_libretro', 'vectrex', 'zxspectrum', 'odyssey2', 'mame'};
systemNoRewind = {'virtualboy', 'sega32x', 'segacd', 'psx', 'fbalibretro', 'vectrex', 'zxspectrum', 'odyssey2', 'mame'};
def writeLibretroConfig(system):
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