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Added tracks:
- Santorini
- Cliffside
parent 9469f670
New version of Cliffside
Author: R6TE
You can use anything from this track, but please credit the author.
Thank you to Marv for creating the blender addon, which helped me a lot in this project ;)
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;Revolt .INF file structure
NAME 'Cliffside'
STARTPOS -7842 -1883 -2071
FARCLIP 1300000000
FOGSTART 700000000
FOGCOLOR 239 239 239
MIRRORS 0 0.75 0 256
MP3 '/levels/Cliffside/Palm Beach.mp3'
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Now that we have your attention, let's read something relevant...
Track Name--- Cliffside
Author--- R6TurboExtreme and Dave-o-rama
Type--- Extreme
Length--- 351m
Directions--- Standard stuff... Just unzip in the main Re-volt folder, then everything should be set.
Description--- This is a mighty fine island, with a cliff on it, and three guesses, the cars are going to drive on it!
Alot of vegetation, (hopefully) alot of detail, and everything a human needs. So, don't read this, but DRIVE!
Re-Volt 1.1 is obsolete--- You need the 1.2 update for Re-Volt if you have any hopes of running this track properly. Go to for Re-Volt 1.2. It is highly recommended that you download and install the 12.0405 alpha release for full compatibility with this track.
The work done:
R6 did the mesh and a few plants, AI and a few makeitgood stuffs
Dave did the instances (plants etc) and camera nodes
Thank You To:
You for downloading
Acclaim, for Re-Volt
Jigebren, for WolfR4
huki and jigebren for Re-Volt 1.2
BurnRubr for the cabin
JimK for the offroad kit
Urnemanden for the palmtree .prm
Dave-o-rama for being too lazy for his own fucking good :)
ali & co. for rvglue
srmalloy for prmbend
The guys who made Rv-remap, rv-sizer, etc.
Our websites - (R6) (Dave)
Copyrights\Permissions--- If you wanna use something, just go ahead and use it. Just mention us in the readme. Please? ;)
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ID 4 ; Material to replace [0 - 26]
Name "SAND" ; Display name
Skid false ; Skidmarks appear on material
Spark false ; Material emits particles
OutOfBounds false ; Not implemented
Corrugated false ; Material is bumpy
Moves false ; Moves like museum conveyors
Dusty true ; Material emits dust
Roughness 0.500000 ; Roughness of the material
Grip 1.000000 ; Grip of the material
Hardness 0.600000 ; Hardness of the material
SkidSound 7 ; Sound when skidding
ScrapeSound 5 ; Car body scrape [5:Normal]
SkidColor 0 12 40 ; Color of the skidmarks
CorrugationType 0 ; Type of bumpiness [0 - 7]
DustType 2 ; Type of dust
Velocity 0.000000 0.000000 0.000000 ; Move cars
;Revolt .INF file structure
NAME 'Santorini' ;The name of the level as seen in-game
STARTPOS 0 0 0 ;Start position of the car (x, y, z)
STARTPOSREV 0 0 0 ;Start position of the car in reverse mode
STARTROT 0 ;Start rotation of the car (0 - 1)
STARTROTREV 0.5 ;Start rotation of the car in reverse mode (0 - 1)
FARCLIP 25000 ;Far clipping distance (draw distance)
FOGSTART 24000 ;Fog start (slightly less than FARCLIP)
FOGCOLOR 80 144 192 ;Fog and background color (RGB)
VERTFOGSTART 2500 ;Vertical fog start (as in rooftops)
VERTFOGEND 3000 ;Vertical fog end (as in rooftops)
WORLDRGBPER 100 ;RGB percent of original world gouraud (0 is dark)
MODELRGBPER 100 ;RGB percent of original model (cars, etc.) gouraud
INSTANCERGBPER 80 ;RGB percent of original instance (decorations, etc.) gouraud
MIRRORS 0 0.75 0 256 ;Type - mix - intensity start - distance
MUSIC 'levels\openbracket\insidejokeclosebracket.mp3' ;supported formats are mp3, ogg and wav
SHADOWBOX -96 ;Changes the contrast/brightness or the shadows on the track, default -96.
ROCK 0 0 0 0 ;Rocking effect like on Toytanic.
CHALLENGE 0 32 250
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