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10 Jan 2014
Thank you for downloading my track!

Download and install the latest 1.2 patch. This track contains animated models, custom sounds, resized textures and extended number of objects, instances and polies. They can't work in the original version.

Alpha version or lower can present problems with textures or crash the game, download the latest patch.

Track Information
Name			Moon Dawn
Author			Allan1
Type			Extreme
Mode			Single Race / Practice
Size			12 MB
Lenght			1417 M
Reversed Lenght		1516 M
Global Stars		5
Practice Stars		12

Well, I really didn't had free time to finish this, what would take two months to be made is since july being built. Despite the delay i'm happy to have it finished. This is my first race track made in a 3d modeller I upload, it's inspired in a set of ideas that I had in the past about a lunar base.
The "FPS" can reach to 20 or lower, so probaly you'll have a bad experience of race unless you have a good processor. Try to disable pickups on menu "game settings".
I hope you enjoy it. Please leave your rating and give your opinion about the track, this helps me a lot, and have a good race around the lunar town ;)
Unzip the folders "gfx" and "levels" into your Re-Volt directory.

3D Studio Max 9
CorelDRAW X3
Adobe Photoshop CS2
Windows Sound Recorder

You can use this track for anything (use in your project, take parts of the mesh, take the instances or models...), since you give me credits for this.
This track should be distributed free of charge.

If you need something, just send me a PM at Re-Volt Live.

Thanks and have fun!