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57 additions and 4 removals
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Skins Added:
Adeon: +1 (carmsadeon.bmp by Kiwi) 4/5
Alien Buster: +1 (txpage1.bmp by Trixed) 1/5
Amw: +3 (Amwblue425ct by Cat) 5/5
(Amwcat by cat)
(Amwwhite425ct by cat)
Dr.Grudge: +1 (carred.bmp by Trixed) 1/5
Bendor: +1 (carbattle.bmp by Shara) 1/5
Big Volt: +1 (bigvoltmastadon.bmp by thatmotorfreak) 1/5
Candy Pebbels: +1 (car_Khobold.bmp by MightyCucumber) 4/5
Cougar +2 (caraliline.bmp by matiwrc) 3/5
Sol-Aire CX4 +2 (car-hw50th.bmp by Phimeek) 2/5
(car-hwr.bmp by Phimeek)
RC San +1 (dinodev. bmp - Dev version) 2/5
FastTraxx +1 (car2.bmp by Trixed) 1/5
YI-1 +1 (carrocket.bmp by Shara) 1/5
Pole Poz +1 (cardemon.bmp by madbot) 2/5
Fulon X +3 (caraoni.bmp by Trixed) 4/5
(carkubera.bmp by Trixed)
(carwolf.bmp by Trixed)
SNW35 +2 (carpurple.bmp by RAELiAN) 2/5
(car-snow.bmp by Xarc)
PurpXL +1 (cartiptop.bmp by clamour) 2/5
RC Phink +1 (carjapan.bmp by Strinabre) 4/5
Pemto +2 (car_ppp30.bmp by Mona) 2/5
(car_ppp89.bmp by Mona)
Dust Mite +1 (car-roadmite.bmp by Hi-Ban) 3/5
Harvester +2 (carchampy.bmp by flyboy)
(cargrandpa.bmp by Trixed)
Nimiarc +1 (carpanda.bmp by Kipy) 1/5
Phat Slug +1 (carkat.bmp by Trixed) 1/5
Pix Skull +1 (texturearmy.bmp by Trixed) 1/5
R6 Turbo +2 (carcat.bmp by Cat) 5/5
(cardirt.bmp by Guigo)
RC Bandit +1 (carformula.bmp by Cat) 4/5
Mark Jenkins +4 (car_ivanstewart.bmp by thatmotorfreak) 5/5
(car_roby.bmp by thatmotorfreak)
(car_skorpion.bmp by thatmotorfreak)
(car_springbok.bmp by thatmotorfreak)
(carVXL.bmp by Hi-Ban)
Humma +2 (carhummav8.bmp by Kiwi) 4/5
(carscars.bmp by Stinabre)
Panga TC +2 (carnoturf.bmp by RV_Passion) 3/5
(carzoom.bmp by Trixed)
Pest Control +1 (carpesto.bmp by Kiwi) 4/5
Ny54 +1 (carzr.bmp by ZipperRulez) 3/5
Sprinter XL +3 (cardoctor.bmp by Venomixx) 8/5 :grimmacing:
(carmad.bmp by Stinabre)
(carstelara.bmp by Trixed)
RG1 +1 (carlight.bmp by Stinabre) 2/5
Shocker +1 (carxaffage.bmp by Trixed) 1/5
Matra XL +2 (carmilitary.bmp by Mladen) 2/5
(cartofu.bmp by Ballesz)
LA54 +2 (carbritish.bmp by dreamcaster95) 2/5
(carxaffage.bmp by Trixed)
Volken Turbo +2 (volkenaoni.bmp by Trixed) 3/5
(volkengthw.bmp by Trixed)
JG7- Updated carjg9.bmp and carjg9psx.bmp
Moved carneonfu.bmp from Adeon to JG7
Volken Turbo- Moved cardirtkiller.bmp from RC Phink to Volken
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This diff is collapsed.
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