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Learn More <i class="fas fa-arrow-alt-circle-right ml-2"></i>
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<p class="lead mt-5">Bringing simulation robotics education to schools around the world.</p>
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List of related events
## Related Events to the Erebus Rescue Maze Simulator
The subpages provide an overview of related Events.
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## Related Events to the Erebus Simulator
The subpages provide an overview of related events.
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......@@ -22,5 +22,5 @@ List of useful links for learning and working on the Erebus Simulator:
- [C++ Documentation](
- [Quick introduction to computer vision](
- [Quick introduction to search algorithms 1](
- [Quick introduction to search algorithms 1](
- [Quick introduction to search algorithms 2](
......@@ -12,10 +12,10 @@ This page is under construction.
In this section you can find references for important parameters and functions used in the Erebus Simulator.
Old stuff from template:
> If your project has an API, configuration, or other reference - anything that users need to look up that’s at an even lower level than a single task - put (or link to it) here. You can serve and link to generated reference docs created using Doxygen,
> Javadoc, or other doc generation tools by putting them in your `static/` directory. Find out more in [Adding static content]( For OpenAPI reference, Docsy also provides a [Swagger UI layout and shortcode]( that renders [Swagger UI]( using any OpenAPI YAML or JSON file as source.
## Available References
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title: "placeholder with template examples"
linkTitle: "placeholder with template examples"
date: 2017-01-05
description: >
A short lead description about this content page. It can be **bold** or _italic_ and can be split over multiple paragraphs.
{{% pageinfo %}}
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{{% /pageinfo %}}
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> There should be no margin above this first sentence.
> Blockquotes should be a lighter gray with a border along the left side in the secondary color.
> There should be no margin below this final sentence.
## First Header 2
This is a normal paragraph following a header. Knausgaard kale chips snackwave microdosing cronut copper mug swag synth bitters letterpress glossier **craft beer**. Mumblecore bushwick authentic gochujang vegan chambray meditation jean shorts irony. Viral farm-to-table kale chips, pork belly palo santo distillery activated charcoal aesthetic jianbing air plant woke lomo VHS organic. Tattooed locavore succulents heirloom, small batch sriracha echo park DIY af. Shaman you probably haven't heard of them copper mug, crucifix green juice vape *single-origin coffee* brunch actually. Mustache etsy vexillologist raclette authentic fam. Tousled beard humblebrag asymmetrical. I love turkey, I love my job, I love my friends, I love Chardonnay!
Deae legum paulatimque terra, non vos mutata tacet: dic. Vocant docuique me plumas fila quin afuerunt copia haec o neque.
On big screens, paragraphs and headings should not take up the full container width, but we want tables, code blocks and similar to take the full width.
Scenester tumeric pickled, authentic crucifix post-ironic fam freegan VHS pork belly 8-bit yuccie PBR&B. **I love this life we live in**.
## Second Header 2
> This is a blockquote following a header. Bacon ipsum dolor sit amet t-bone doner shank drumstick, pork belly porchetta chuck sausage brisket ham hock rump pig. Chuck kielbasa leberkas, pork bresaola ham hock filet mignon cow shoulder short ribs biltong.
### Header 3
This is a code block following a header.
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#### Header 4
* This is an unordered list following a header.
* This is an unordered list following a header.
* This is an unordered list following a header.
##### Header 5
1. This is an ordered list following a header.
2. This is an ordered list following a header.
3. This is an ordered list following a header.
###### Header 6
| What | Follows |
| A table | A header |
| A table | A header |
| A table | A header |
There's a horizontal rule above and below this.
Here is an unordered list:
* Liverpool F.C.
* Chelsea F.C.
* Manchester United F.C.
And an ordered list:
1. Michael Brecker
2. Seamus Blake
3. Branford Marsalis
And an unordered task list:
- [x] Create a Hugo theme
- [x] Add task lists to it
- [ ] Take a vacation
And a "mixed" task list:
- [ ] Pack bags
- ?
- [ ] Travel!
And a nested list:
* Jackson 5
* Michael
* Tito
* Jackie
* Marlon
* Jermaine
* Leonardo
* Michelangelo
* Donatello
* Raphael
Definition lists can be used with Markdown syntax. Definition headers are bold.
: Godzilla
: 1952
: Japan
: Green
Tables should have bold headings and alternating shaded rows.
| Artist | Album | Year |
| Michael Jackson | Thriller | 1982 |
| Prince | Purple Rain | 1984 |
| Beastie Boys | License to Ill | 1986 |
If a table is too wide, it should scroll horizontally.
| Artist | Album | Year | Label | Awards | Songs |
| Michael Jackson | Thriller | 1982 | Epic Records | Grammy Award for Album of the Year, American Music Award for Favorite Pop/Rock Album, American Music Award for Favorite Soul/R&B Album, Brit Award for Best Selling Album, Grammy Award for Best Engineered Album, Non-Classical | Wanna Be Startin' Somethin', Baby Be Mine, The Girl Is Mine, Thriller, Beat It, Billie Jean, Human Nature, P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing), The Lady in My Life |
| Prince | Purple Rain | 1984 | Warner Brothers Records | Grammy Award for Best Score Soundtrack for Visual Media, American Music Award for Favorite Pop/Rock Album, American Music Award for Favorite Soul/R&B Album, Brit Award for Best Soundtrack/Cast Recording, Grammy Award for Best Rock Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal | Let's Go Crazy, Take Me With U, The Beautiful Ones, Computer Blue, Darling Nikki, When Doves Cry, I Would Die 4 U, Baby I'm a Star, Purple Rain |
| Beastie Boys | License to Ill | 1986 | Mercury Records | noawardsbutthistablecelliswide | Rhymin & Stealin, The New Style, She's Crafty, Posse in Effect, Slow Ride, Girls, (You Gotta) Fight for Your Right, No Sleep Till Brooklyn, Paul Revere, Hold It Now, Hit It, Brass Monkey, Slow and Low, Time to Get Ill |
Code snippets like `var foo = "bar";` can be shown inline.
Also, `this should vertically align` ~~`with this`~~ ~~and this~~.
Code can also be shown in a block element.
foo := "bar";
bar := "foo";
Code can also use syntax highlighting.
func main() {
input := `var foo = "bar";`
lexer := lexers.Get("javascript")
iterator, _ := lexer.Tokenise(nil, input)
style := styles.Get("github")
formatter := html.New(html.WithLineNumbers())
var buff bytes.Buffer
formatter.Format(&buff, style, iterator)
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Inline code inside table cells should still be distinguishable.
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Large images should always scale down and fit in the content container.
_The photo above of the Spruce Picea abies shoot with foliage buds: Bjørn Erik Pedersen, CC-BY-SA._
## Components
### Alerts
{{< alert >}}This is an alert.{{< /alert >}}
{{< alert title="Note" >}}This is an alert with a title.{{< /alert >}}
{{% alert title="Note" %}}This is an alert with a title and **Markdown**.{{% /alert %}}
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{{< alert color="warning" >}}This is a warning.{{< /alert >}}
{{< alert color="warning" title="Warning" >}}This is a warning with a title.{{< /alert >}}
## Another Heading
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