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    Create and Show Posts (#3) · a6ccda0f
    Rubén Beltrán del Río authored
    * 📝 Update changelog (retroactive)
    * Add JSDoc
    * Document twitter helper
    * Add posts handler
    * Remove cookies, set routes under /api
    * Update readme for clearer callback instructions
    * Redirect callback to login with token
    * Add dasein paw helper
    * Remove unused hostname
    * Remove hostname, add expiration to config
    * Rename expiration ttl
    * Send TTL to posts handler
    * Add redis dependency
    * Add redis config to config file
    * Add DASEIN_REDIS_HOST to env.dist
    * Correct redis config structure
    * Add redis db to compose
    * Add redis to posts handler
    * Update dasein paw file
    * Git add uuid
    * Add first iteration of post handlers
    * Ignore docs in linter
    * Ignore generated assets
    * Ignore docs and assets
    * Add frontend dependencies + more koa
    * Add post creation to backend
    * Adjust readme to show actual callback route
    * Add npm build as part of docker process
    * Configure babel
    * Update paw
    * Add webpack config
    * Add frontend code
    * List globals
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