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update to v2.10

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`2018.01.28`: v2.10 Changed (for the better I hope) the hair brush and iterated quite a bit on the traditional brushes to optimize and get a more natural feeling. Also tweaked some of the textured brushes.
`2018.01.13`: v2.01 C06-C08 use non-randomized pattern offsets
`2018.01.09`: v2.00 Increase size of brushes to make sense for large canvas. ADD (C12) traditional wet oil brush. REMOVE (A01) basic preset in favor of default ink GPEN presets. Also REMOVE tree brushes. I found that I'm not using them at all. Minor changes to a couple of other traditional brushes.
`2018.01.03`: v1.21 Optimize for large canvases (change of spacing mostly)
# [RZV Krita BrushKit](
# [RZV Krita BrushKit](
<a href="">![rzv-krita-brushkit](</a>
<a href="">![rzv-krita-brushkit](</a>
A brush kit for crispy and experimental digital paintings! Please find more
information on [the project's website](
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