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3. Install required packages: `bundle install --path vendor/bundle`
4. Start server: `bundle exec jekyll serve`
## Creating New Posts
## Creating New Blog Posts
All blog post writing is to take place in the "authoring" branch.
The markdown files follow the naming convention: ``, and are placed in the `_posts` folder.
They can be written from scratch, or generated from a Jupyter notebook.
Blog posts also start with the following YAML front matter:
title: "Post Title"
excerpt: "A short description."
- tag1
- tag2
The authoring branch contains additional folders not in master:
- **notebooks/** - store original Jupyter notebooks.
- **templates/** - templates for converting Jupyter notebooks to markdown.
- **** - config script for converting Jupyter to markdown.
Current workflow for generating posts from Jupyter Notebooks:
1. Place Jupyter notebooks to convert in the "notebooks" folder of **authoring** branch.
2. From this folder, run: `jupyter nbconvert --to markdown <notebook>.ipynb --config ../`
3. Copy any images to "assets/images".
4. Edit the markdown file that was generated in "_posts", fixing any broken links and formatting issues.
5. Commit changes when satisfied with the post.
6. When ready to publish, change to the **master** branch and cherrypick the last commit.
7. Push **master** branch to origin.
## Creating New Notes
Notes have the following YAML front matter:
layout: notes
title: "Title"
toc: true
nav: notes-nav
After creating a new note page, add it to the "notes-nav" section of `_data/navigation.yml`.
## Continuous Integration
When a commit is made to master, the website is built and deployed.
When a commit is made to **master**, the website is built and deployed.
The file **.gitlab-ci.yml** contains the build configuration.
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